Friday, January 16, 2009

what am I doing?

storyboards and wishing friends happy birthdays
that's what


Squaresville said...

Feng Shui for the... what?

Yeay boards!

Brubaker said...


I came across the closing credits for "Robot Jones" on the web the other day and there're some interesting things I noticed that I want to ask you about:

1. I noticed there were credits for "Production Layouts". Does that mean that the layouts for Robot Jones were done in-house? And how did Maxwell Atoms had time to contribute, seeing that he had his own show at this time?

2. How did you get Paul Coker Jr. to work on the show? That's awesome.

Alexandra said...

hey stranger, tried calling you but it said disconnected. how is the world treating you? xo pierre

gm said...

1: we got to do in-house layout for the first two pilots, the opening titles and the music video for 'the nudist and mister pendleton'... which leads to...
2:I was in new york visiting the MAD magazine offices and asked if I could get intouch with paul coker somehow. They forwarded him a letter I wrote, and a few months later I got a response from him, and he agreed to do it! He's a super nice guy and was a HUGE help. plus he can totally draw his ass off....

Unknown said...

Any idea chance of us getting information on who was behind the music in "The Nudist and Mr Pendleton", or perhaps a high-quality audio file of the song?

gm said...

late response to that question:

the music for 'the nudist and Mister Pendleton' was done by me. That's even me singing it!
I all did all the music for 'Robot Jones', (along with a couple of my friends)