Saturday, April 07, 2007

happy easter

the devil wrote me a love letter last week
but i just dropped it into the singel

what an asshole
he doesn't even have any original ideas
i mean, come on:

what a fag!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

satan's 'go-to guy': AROSAUPHIUS

shrill screams beckon his comming
this beast from the killing fire of damnation
eyes staring madly into yours
into your soul
it knows what you dream about
it smells what you fear
as the cloven demon rides the wind of empty remorse
it stops and takes a piss at an interstate rest stop
heck, demons 'go' too you know
it's too bad he can't conjure away his overactive bladder problems
maybe he should try Zelnorm
is that the stuff that stops the pee-pees?
or is that the 'make my dick bigger' pill?
boy, would that suck if he got 'em mixed-up
he comes to steal the very life's blood from your body
all the while donning a medically enlargened erection that has the perma-drips
the only thing you'd die of is laughter
and then HE'd die of embarrassment
then you'd laugh and laugh
laughing so long and loud that you'd actually fall onto the ground
and grab your side
getting 'in stitches', they used to call it
ho ho ho

THEN he'd kill you in some horrible fashion
probably in a manner not involving his incontinent dick hose


anyway, the goat is scary, take my word for it
i mean, shit... he's riding an asteroid through space/time
all the while shooting fiery projectiles from each hoof
that's pretty damn scary if you ask me

maybe I need to roll him up...

oh, you know what I mean
(D&D players unite)