Friday, March 30, 2007

while I'm at it

i dug deeper into the old memory box
I found some SUPER OG robot stuff, from my original pitch bibles for cartoon network.
here's the second drawing I EVER did of Robot

at one point I thought Robot should wear a 'batman' t-shirt

our favorite freaky brethren, the Yogman twins, were originally more 'tweedle-dee/tweedle-dum'-ish (but still pure EVIL)

and, one of my favorites: at one point while originally pitching the show, some executives thought that Robot should have a human family... so I gave him this:

oh, and I was trying to give robot his first exposed metal body... C-3P0's apparently...

but one thing was always constant:
Robot was a punk
... even when the network thought I should give him a 'real' name
(hence the "M" on his shirt... you'll have to guess what it stands for... I won't tell)

OK... OK...
more NEW art next time
no more looking back

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

oh yeah..?

not to be outdone by mike, here's some robot thumbnails I did for the opening titles...

and a page from the 'nudist' thumbnails as well!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

art for the modern wall

here's my new installation on the back wall of the BOGERTY BUILDING at 8th and lyndhaven st.
look, 4 poopies are already enjoying it!

(works inspired by napikin art) this: