Friday, March 30, 2007

while I'm at it

i dug deeper into the old memory box
I found some SUPER OG robot stuff, from my original pitch bibles for cartoon network.
here's the second drawing I EVER did of Robot

at one point I thought Robot should wear a 'batman' t-shirt

our favorite freaky brethren, the Yogman twins, were originally more 'tweedle-dee/tweedle-dum'-ish (but still pure EVIL)

and, one of my favorites: at one point while originally pitching the show, some executives thought that Robot should have a human family... so I gave him this:

oh, and I was trying to give robot his first exposed metal body... C-3P0's apparently...

but one thing was always constant:
Robot was a punk
... even when the network thought I should give him a 'real' name
(hence the "M" on his shirt... you'll have to guess what it stands for... I won't tell)

OK... OK...
more NEW art next time
no more looking back

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