Tuesday, October 17, 2006

there's a secret path...

right past the reflecting pond
on the trail that leads you by the amphitheater
with the 80's style graffiti covering the walls.
all who look can see the path
but who's looking?
and what do they see?
why, it's the ducks!!
marching in straight rows
swaying with each waddle
wearing teeny-weeny hardhats
with teeny-weeny lights
and teeny-weeny pick axes
off they march
along the bank of the pond
and where do they march, I heard that little girl in the back ask...?
to mine delicious powdered pizza flavoring
for 'Pringles' potato chips
they march off to the mines...
the PIZZA TASTE mines

and I smile as I ring my bell in cheer
and pedal just a bit slower
through the park
past the reflecting pool
towards the underpass
and out into my vacation.

1 comment:

Bobby Chiu said...

lol.. the duck looks funny :)