Tuesday, August 29, 2006


in comparison to 'Robot Jones', here's some shots from the latest show
Mike Stern and I teamed-up again and rocked the cartoon world!
it really did turn-out pretty cool
we did a TON of work on it... and i hope it shows!
our old buddy Dan also helped-out and did some BG's for us
the cartoon gangstas are back, bitches!

Mike was talking about having a bash to screen and celebrate
so, I'll make sure all the cool people are invited


Chris Battle said...


R said...

Now these are nice! I want that guy's jacket.

R said...

Now these are nice! I want that guy's jacket.


i miss your stuff man. i almost cried when i started accually sayin "whatever happend to 'what ever happened to robot jones'".

jeaux janovsky said...

The Wizzard of Krudd looks f*cking cool. I've been digging yr stuff since "Robot Jones". I loved that cartoon, and thought RJ sounded better as the Apple Simpletexty voice, instead of the kid thru a vaccuum cleaner tube bit.
When's Wizzard coming out?

Shellie K said...

Did Chris Battle just say "word" ? anyways

OH man... I Am SSOOOOOOOO happy you have a blog...
Hey if you havent already had the screening for Krudd...
invite??? anyhow You guys are awesome and i mean you and Mike..I cannot wait to see this..And I'm sure its gonna look AWESOME !!!!